Boss Field Services offers a comprehensive suite of inspection products to meet all of your site visit requirements. All products and services may be customized or packaged together to meet your company needs. Utilizing Boss Field Services will not only help your organization save valuable time away from the office, mileage, and money, our professional reports will bring you peace of mind at a cost you can afford. Our comprehensive services include:

Inspection & Verification Services
  • Pre-Funding Verifications
  • Delinquency Inspections
  • Liquidation Inspections
  • Pre-Foreclosure Inspections
  • Foreclosure Inspections
  • Post-Foreclosure Inspections
  • Annual Property Review Inspections
  • Tenant Review Site Visit
  • Collateral Inspection Reports
  • Leased Equipment Verifications and Inspections
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Address and Location Verifications
REO Property Preservation & Management
  • Clean-up and Trash Out Services
  • Recurring Property Maintenance
  • Winterize/Secure Property Services
  • Property Management Services
  • Real Estate Services
Customize A Report

Custom reports typically involve choices made from the following options:

Initial visit

  • More intensive, full questionnaire report (Verify Co. name & address)
  • Environmental conditions (Basic report i.e. drums, drains, etc.)
  • Interior & exterior report
  • Borrower consent/involvement
  • Occupied or vacated?
  • Listed? With whom? (Realtor information)
  • Digital picture (Inside & out)

Secondary visit - Recommended every 30 days

  • General comments only
  • Follow-up/update to initial visit
  • Mostly exterior only
  • May involve borrower (As needed)
  • Occupied or vacated?
  • Listed? With whom?
  • Exterior picture (As needed)

Pre-foreclosure visit

  • General condition comments only
  • Any deferred maintenance/damage
  • Marketability (Is it presentable for a buyer?)
  • Occupied or vacated?

Post-foreclosure visit

  • Change locks after sale (4 keys to exterior doors)
  • Winterize
  • Repairs?
  • Inspect to determine necessary clean-up and/or repairs
  • Inventory list of items left behind

Post-foreclosure Secondary visit

  • General condition comments only
  • Building security (Check locks/doors)
  • Report any vandalism/graffiti
  • Property maintenance (i.e. weeds, garbage, etc. looks presentable)
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